YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED - Shant Meguerdichian Photography



What equipment do you use?



I use Canon 5D Mark II and a 40D Bodies. For lenses I use Canon 24-70 f/2.8L, 70-200 f/2.8 IS II, 50mm f/1.4, 100mm f/2.8 Macro, 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye. I use all B+W Filters and top of the line flashes, tripods and accessories.


How long is the session?

Your session will usually be 1-2 hours. Time will be taken to ensure that you, your partner and your children are comfortable and at ease with the camera.

Sometimes sessions with babies & toddlers can extend. I will always try and make time for lots of short breaks, to give little ones a rest. I will also discuss baby and toddler’s routine with you beforehand, to see when would be the best time in the day to hold the session.




We don’t like having our picture taken. What can you do about this?


Having your picture taken isn’t something that comes naturally to most of us. So please don’t worry! It’s perfectly normal to feel a bit apprehensive about it. I aim to put you at ease and make the session as relaxed and fun as possible. Some of the best images are often taken when you’re unaware, achieving a more natural and intimate look.



Clothing Advice

I'm often asked by clients about what they should wear for a portrait shoot. So hopefully the following tips will help & not offend.

I would recommend a few changes of clothing or use of different accessories on portrait shoots (where possible). This is to make sure you get a varied look across all the images taken on the day.

The weather will also naturally play a part, especially if outside on location. Dress to be warm and or comfortable so that you enjoy the session.

When more than one person is in the portrait then I would suggest that you choose clothes whose colors compliment each other, to avoid clashes of colors or too many patterns at once. I'm happy to help with some suggestions, when we arrive, should you want me to.

Young children look great in bright vibrant colors, as well as more muted pastels. Funky hats, sunglasses, scarves, coats, boots, and umbrellas can all look fantastic on an outdoor portrait.

For shoots at home with very young children and babies, bare feet tend to work better than an odd assortment of socks and shoes. Ultimately if you would prefer your child to wear shoes then this is fine.

For adults, we suggest that you wear what makes you feel great! When you feel comfortable and at ease, then this will be reflected in your pictures. Different accessories can work well & add interest where appropriate.




What location can we use?

A great portrait is primarily about people, but wherever possible it is better to give some consideration to the background and overall setting.

You may have a special place that means a lot to you or a favourite location where we can meet. A beach, national park, the countryside, or maybe you want some different like an urban environment – these can all work well. It depends on the look you want. I am happy to discuss options and help advise you.





If you are or anyone in the family is ill, then please let me know and I will reschedule your appointment for you.




When do we get our images?

On average, the turn-around time for editing and posting the photos to your private online gallery is around two to four weeks.




Do you “airbrush”?

Portraits should aim to show you as you are. However, I do make make slight edits if I feel this enhances the image. For example, skin smoothing and blemish removal are often used when the photo is a portrait, or if the client requests it.  You can rest assured that the photo editing will show you at your best.